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General information

The Department of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy at I.I. Mecnikov National University of Odessa offers both undergraduate and graduate programs to the students of the Physics Faculty. The undergraduate program includes all the compulsory courses in theoretical and mathematical physics and а number of specialized courses (such as Physical Kinetics, Financial Kinetics, Superconductivity Theory, Business English, etc.). ... Read more

Latest news

11.11.2018   18:30

1st grade student, Kovalenko Maria, won a bronze medal at International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics

At November 3-11 the 12th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA -2018, was held, in  which teams from 38 countries participated, including the guest team of Ukraine, which consisted of the Richelieu Lyceum graduates: Maria Kovalenko, Stanislav Savastra, and advisors: Vladislava Marsakova, Ivan Kohanskii.
According to results of the competition, which consisted of theoretical problems, data analysis problems, and of astronomical observations, Maria and Stanislav gained bronze medals

19.10.2018   13:00

Wolfram Mathematica as the universal tool for studying, teaching and research. The introductory course.

Wolfram Mathematica is one of the best computational system ever created. It is available for students and lecturers of DTPA due to financial support of DThPh Foundation. It provides flexible and user-friendly environment for calculation, programming, studying and research. In the course we cover main tools of WM and show how it can be used as the integrated solution for teaching courses at the Department and research. Specifically, the course will be useful for students of 1st and 2nd years since we  use WM in solving problems of General Physics course (Mechanics etc). Everybody (especially those who have WM account) is welcome. 

The course will be delivered regularly every Wednesday, at 1pm in room 31
Lecturers: Prof. V. Kulinskii and  Cand. Phys-Math Sci I. Shapovalov

PS The creator of Wolfram Mathematica is the theoretical physicist(!) Stephen Wolfram

Latest publications

M. Ya. Sushko, A. K. Semenov. Electrical conductivity of dispersions of core-shell particles: A model and its applications to composite electrolytes. (2019) // arXiv

M.Ya. Sushko, A.K. Semenov. A mesoscopic model for the effective electrical conductivity of composite polymeric electrolytes. Journal of Molecular Liquids 279 (2019) 677-686 // arXiv

M. Ya. Sushko, A. V. Dorosh. A homogenization theory for systems of penetrable dielectric particles. (2018) // arXiv

V. M. Admyan. Singular selfadjoint perturbations of unbounded selfadjoint operators. Reverse approach. (2018) // arXiv

V. Ya. Gotsul’skii, N. P. Malomuzh, V. E. Chechko. Properties of Hydrogen Bonds in Water and Monohydric Alcohols. Russ. J. Phys. Chem. 92 (2018) 1516-1522